Gentle, fractional technology for the production of strong seeds.

The seeds of corn are large. Large seeds of any crop are more traumatic than small ones. Injury to corn seeds adversely affects both the development of plants (in the initial phase) and its productivity (significantly reduces). In addition, injured seeds are susceptible to damage by pathogens and fungal infections.


Now about the size. The size of the seeds for corn is important:


The graph shows the dependence of the yield on the weight of 1000 seeds and the sowing depth. It can be seen that large seeds benefit. But, as it turned out, the shape of the achene plays a significant role in maize. Take an ear of corn. Flat seeds are located in the middle of the ear. They are usually even in size. The bottom and top of the ear are formed later than the middle. At the bottom of the cob, the seeds are large and round in shape. At the top of the cob, the seeds are small.


Research confirms that mid-ear seeds are more productive.


This is also confirmed when comparing the field germination of injured and whole seeds.


The technology developed and implemented by us allows us to carefully (without injuring) select from the maize sowing material only STRONG SEEDS, which will give uniform germination and growth of plants resistant to diseases and high yields.

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