the conference

Many times the portable elevator 2021 still took place. It seems to me that both the participants and the organizers perceived this event as a holiday and held it as a celebration of the victory of the mind over the pressure of the pandemic.

Even the venue of the forum responded to the mood of the holiday.

All questions about the preservation of grain during storage at a problematic level are well known to Vladimir Stepanovich (LUBNYMASH)

Kulakova Olga is the organizer and moderator of the conference “Deep Grain Processing” managing partner AGROINSGHTEX.

We worked effectively together with Kuprievich Anatoly Borisovich and Denis аt the exposition


Drying and elevator are mandatory components of grain storage technology. There’s a word for professionals.

In my opinion, this format of the conference can be established as an annual one for the benefit of all participants.

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