Fadeev screens

Product discription

Fadeev screens are made of round wires, forming a lattice of crossbars and bases. Distance between the crossbeams is the determining size for sorting the material.


Fadeev screens

Principle of interaction of grain with Fadeev screens

Advantages of the screens with new geometry:

  • no grain damage;
  • higher permeability, as compared to flat screens, which allows to increase the productivity of all existing screen graders;
  • change the ineffective probability principle of the interaction of grain with a flat screen on the forced-oriented one, meaning Fadeev screen relief forces the grain to “fit” to the hole size; on Fadeev screen, the grain and the screen seem to agree with each other. The Fadeev screen offers the grain to turn in its motion and to accommodate oneself on the smallest dimension – the thickness, that the fact that shall be: go through the hole as small as possible, so that by-products no passes through it.

This is clearly seen in the example of flax seeds. The achenes rotate and all pass through a gap equal to 1.2 mm, and all the by-products larger than this size comes off the screen. Channels on Fadeev screen are slotted tunnels adjacent to each other, which do not have flat areas, what constantly provokes particles to fall down into the channels. On Fadeev screens of the proposed geometry, each point of contact with the particle (by-products or grain) promotes the movement of the particle to the hole and is oriented at the same time to accommodate oneself with the smallest size. Thus, the proposed screens fundamentally change the process of sifting, and in one case passing particles of small by-products, unfolding them at the same small size to the hole, and in the other case detaining the large by-products, passing the grain at a coincidence of its thickness with the size of the hole. On such screens halves of soybeans pass with 100% separation just on the first screens, it is also easy to select an oily admixture (so called “naked-grain”) when cleaning sunflower seeds.

Even scrubbing by brushes of such screens does not result in damage to the seeds.

Design of the Fadeev screens is protected by patents.

Comparison of the effectiveness of regular slotted sieves and Fadeev screens is shown in the graph.


Principle of interaction of flax with screens of new geometry

Principle of interaction of soya with screens of new geometry

Removal of oily admixture from sunflower on Fadeev screens

Cleaning with brushes on the Fadeev screens does not traumatiz seeds

Patents of Ukraine on the Fadeev screens

Patents of Russia on the Fadeev screens

Comparison of the permeability of screens

Replacing the sieves of the traditional execution on the Fadeev screens

LTD “Factory “Fadeev Agro” produces screens of new geometry for grain cleaners and graders of any domestic and foreign manufacturer. Size “a” is determined depending on the size of the seeds and the task. Below are examples of the execution of such screens for grain cleaning machines of different brands.

Implementation examples of such screens for the grain cleaners of different manufacturers are presented below.

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