Fadeev cleaning and grading machine (CGMF)

Product discription

Quality tasks of cleaning, work capacity, number of needed fractions for cleaning and grading of grains taken into account the different physical and geometrical factors of various agricultural crops are so different that it is impossible to complete them within the single effective, multipurpose machine.

Therefore, we have developed the module that has independent drive, effective cleaning of sieves (grading screens), and multiple-option regulation of its work modes and high permeability of easy replaceable sieves (grading screens). From these modules, you can assemble machines for cleaning and grading of grains according to the set task of work capacity, quality, number of fractions, arrangement and so on. Thus, machines will be different only by the number of such modules (cleaning grader) that is the basis of the line of the grain cleaners both for seed cleaning and for seed grading.


  • no injury of grain;
  • no huge metal-intensive frame (support is enough);
  • power consumption is 2 times less (and more);
  • large regulating range of work modes (amplitude, frequency of vibration, movement time on the deck, change of tilt angle of the deck);
  • quiet work;
  • simple design, reliability and usability;
  • possibility of decks distribution both in sequence (one by one) in a horizontal plane and in layers (one above the other) in vertical variant.

Effectiveness of any screen case (at equal sieves surfaces) is defined by sieve permeability, interaction character of sieve with grain (motion path during vibration), and effectiveness of sieve (grading screen) cleaning. All these parameters of designed module meet the highest requirements.

Thus, offered to your cleaning and grading machines include such technical solutions that were mastered as a result of numerous comparison tests and whose novelty is supported by patents of Ukraine and Russia (Ukrainian patent №58428. Cleaning and grading machine; Russian patent №103498. Cleaning and grading machine).

We produce cleaning and grading machines of various productive capacity, for any agricultural crop, for all versions. Productive capacity depends of the screen surface, we offer three variants: KF-2, KF-3, KF-4.


KF-2 KF-3 KF-4
Productive capacity, t/h
wheat (grain crops) 1 t/h 3 t/h 10 t/h
sunflower 500 kg 1500 kg 5000 kg
Number of fractions 3 4 3
Weight, kg 270 370 470
Work surface, m2 1.56 2.35 3.6
Sieve format, mm 790х990 (2 pcs) 790х990 (2 pcs) 790х990 (1 pc.) и 1020х990 (1 pc)
Consumed power, kW 0.5 0.74 0.74
Vibration frequency of the deck, Hz 15 15 15
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