Impak company

Object: Impak company


Installed in 2015

Culture : Wheat (main), soybean, sunflower

The task: Gentle technology for cleaning grain and industrial crops and producing selected seeds of high potential


  • Grain gleaning – 20 t/h
  • Producing seeds – 5 t/h
  1. Fadeev bucket elevator (2 pcs.), each with a capacity of 5 and 30 t/h.
  2. Fadeev cleaning and grading machine (CGMF-5):
    • to remove small, coarse litter;
    • for separating the halves of soy and other grain impurities;
    • for the removal of non-ground pods of soy and non-ground grain crops;
    • to remove frail, non-conditional seeds;
    • for dividing seeds by size into three fractions.
  3. Fadeev pneumatic vibrating table (PVTF) for dividing calibrated seeds in density for isolating them on high-yield seeds.
  4. Fadeev seed dresser PSF-5.
  5. Fadeev Aspirator AF-30.
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