Today we can say confidently that agriculture crop is one of the basis of mankind appearance and development on the Earth. The two life-saving properties of grain for a human being – its ability to store the potential to be used for food along with the reproductive function for several years – provided human population with crucial survival tools.

Further mankind wellbeing has only one way – to increase the efficiency of agricultural land use. We should not beat the grain. It is alive pregnant creature. The land should not be occupied with weak infertile seeds. We must respect limited resources, our own work and investments!

Leonid Fadeev – phd, inventor, professor,
CEO of LTD “Factory “FadeevAgro”,
author of “Sparing (gentle) fractional technology of cleaning grain”

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At present, sparing fractional technology for the production of strong seeds has been introduced practically in all regions of Ukraine. According to this technology, seeds of grain and leguminous crops, technical and small-seed crops and even vegetable crops (carrots, garlic)

Очистка. Производство семян.Щадящие технологии Фадеева.

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